Event Information

Saturday 8th February 2020

40km Mountain Bike Ride that will leave a lasting impression for life.

This is achievable by everyone young, old, middle aged, athlete, weekend warrior or first time rider looking for a real challenge.  You’ll be lost in the beauty and a few times you may have to get off your bike to cross a creek, get over a tree if it has blown down, this natural West Coast beauty will leave you breathless at times.

There is a short portion going up Cock Eye Creek that you will have to walk your bike due to the creeks directional flow. This will be marked for you.  The rest of the ride is all ride-able, with some great uphills and downhills. 

In 2020 we're giving riders 2 options for the race, 1 going up Cock Eye Creek and the 2nd going up Mosquito Creek.  Both rides are the same distance but Cock Eye Creek is 30 minutes slower for the lead riders and up to 90 minutes slower for the tail end riders. 

The last 24km of the race will be the same for everyone, just the first part differs. if you're a seasoned mountain bike do Cock Eye Creek, if you're out to enjoy some of the countries best Untamed scenery them Mosquito Creek is the option.

With these 2 options it gives everyone the chance to experience the amazing Untamed West Coast. 

Heaps of fun and spot prizes as well as age group category prizes.